The Crafty CAMPER & Pop-Up Shop

The Crafty CAMPER & POP-Up Shop:
It’s time to actually MAKE those crafts you’ve been pinning! The Crafty Camper is a DIY Craft BAR on wheels that rolls up to bring creativity to your home, event, country club and more. She vintage, 1978 to be exact, and has been gutted, painted, decorated & all freshened up to deliver a pretty sweet CRAFT event. Also included with the Crafty Camper is our very trendy Pop-Up-Shop! The Pop-Up-Shop offers new clothes, featuring the latest affordable styles. The Crafty CAMPER & J. Della Boutique have joined forces to make your next event the best in town!

How it works:

Book a DATE:

What to expect: an event that is going to be a fun, light-hearted craft time with new friends and old, family and colleagues combined with a SHOP experience.

How long do the parties last & when are they held? Parties typically last 2-3 hours depending on how much time is needed to CRAFT & SHOP. They can be held any night of the week as long as we have availability! Some people have even booked the Crafty Camper for a bridal shower, BBQ, night at the club, birthdays and more!
Does it cost anything to book the CRAFTY Camper? Once your party date is booked, we will provide you with a digital invitation to email to all your friends with all the details about your party. They will be encouraged to register for the event or call bubble to do so. The cost is the craft cost per person. Some seasonal crafts include painted wine glasses, nautical string art, distressed wood plaques + signs and much more! Want to pay for all your guests, not a problem, let us know at time of booking. We ask that you have a minimum of 10 people attending the party. You can also encourage guests to bring friends is a good way to meet this minimum – however we do need everyone to be registered so we are prepared with all the craft materials for each guest.

Pop-Up Shop:
The Crafty Camper is rolling around your neighborhood chockfull of must have fashions to help you keep up with today’s latest trends as well as the tried & true of course. Gorgeous handmade baubles, must have accessories, gifts for everyone. There is tons to take home the night of the event and also great items to order such as custom hand-stamped jewels, monogrammed gifts and accessories and more. There’s something for everyone, from the beach-lover + bohemian to classically preppy dressers… Want the Crafty Camper POP-Up Shop to come to your next party? Give us a call to book a date.

What if it rains the day of my event? Like any outdoor party, we can craft indoors with your guests and have the fun inside!
What if I don’t have the space for the Crafty Camper? The crafty camper can be put on driveways, the side of your house, parking lots, backyards or anywhere a car can get through the crafty camper can be parked! We can still set up the crafting tables and shop if no space for the Camper is available!