Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me

There are many benefits to enrolling in a “Mommy and Me” style class. From sharing a positive learning and social experience between mother and child, to offering an outlet for post-partum depression in mothers, these types of courses offer a wide array of benefits.

When you enroll in a mother-child type of class, this guarantees that you will have time set aside to interact with your child. With fast-paced lifestyles becoming more and more common amongst Americans, finding time to enjoy your children can become difficult. But when you have a special time carved out of your schedule, this ensures you’ll have a set amount of time solely dedicated to participating in an activity of choice with your child.

In addition to setting aside special interaction time, these types of classes can carve positive experiences with Mom into the child’s memory. As we all know, children grow to separate themselves from their parents during the pre-teen to teenage years, but taking early childhood development classes alongside of your young student can take advantage of “the good years” before they grow out of this stage. Children grow fast, so make their childhood memories with Mom special ones that they’ll never forget.

Another benefit of taking a Mommy and Me class is both the child and the student get the opportunity to learn something new. In these types of classes, most people assume the child is the student, but in reality, both the child and the parent are learning. Mom can learn a new dance routine, a new sport, or any number of new talents along with their child. For example, if Mom never took many dance lessons growing up, a Mommy and Me ballet class allows her to learn the names of the different movements and add a new dance style to her repertoire.

And while learning a new art form sounds like fun, there is even more fun to be had in learning more about your child. Taking a class with your child can lend you a front row seat to experiencing how your child learns new material as well as how they interact with teachers and classmates. Of course, your child may behave a little differently knowing Mom is watching, but you will still be able to gain an overall understanding of your child’s learning patterns.

Many Mommy and Me classes teach some sort of art form, but the active classes can leave a different, much stronger impression on the child. Going to an active class regularly can help install healthy exercise values in the young student. This teaches them that staying healthy and keeping a regular exercise routine is a normal and natural way of life. Once the child has come to accept and expect a regular exercise routine, they’re more likely to continue a healthy and active lifestyle into their adult years.

While Mommy and Me classes may be aimed towards the child, in some cases, the Mother may come out of the class with the biggest gain. “Mommy and Me” has been proven through many studies to combat Post-Partum Depression. Learning a new activity, as well as much-needed one on one time with baby can help build self-esteem in mothers. And getting out of the house, interacting with other mommies offers a much-needed breath of fresh air and sense of comradery needed by mothers battling Post-Partum Depression.

And last but not least, the myth that Mommy and Me classes are just for mothers. Yes, this article, as well as the generic class name, use the term “mommy”, but the benefits of these classes apply to dads as well. Just as important as building a bond with mom, children yearn to build that same bond with dad.