Baking Parties

Baking Parties Request Quote

The Bubble Bakery
Every kids loves to help in the kitchen. We’re mixing up delicious cakes from scratch . The kids will be measuring, pouring, mixing, and more. The next step, decorating the cakes of course… icing, candy, and the cake itself! Yum! Yum! We’ll get our aprons on, icing tubes filled, and spreaders ready. Each child will get their own 7″ cake layer to decorate with colored icing tubes with fun tips to create stripes, flowers, leaves and more. We’ll be teaching pastry decorating techniques. When the masterpieces are all complete… each child’s cake will be professionally boxed-up to go home as a favor.
4 years+

Chocolate CRAZE Request Quote

Does your child LOVE Willy Wonka? Maybe they simply just can’t get enough chocolate & candy! If so, bubble’s Chocolate CRAZE party is the perfect party for them. Kids will be bursting with excitement while having so much fun, being creative, and enjoying this hands-on party experience. Each child will get create a platterful of delicious goodies such as chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, chips, marshmallow pops and mini pizzas all embellished with candies and colored chocolate. YUM!
4 years+

Pizza CHEF Party Request Quote

Pizza! Pizza! What fun is this! Does your child love to cook, eat pizza and have a blast with friends? As the kids arrive, they’ll decorate their own chef hats and “decorate” their custom pizza. Next up… it’s time to cook! The kids will mix, knead and toss their pizza dough, spread tomato sauce & sprinkle mozzerella. Now it’s time to let loose on the delicious toppings and seasonings. Each child will go home with their very own pizza boxed up & ready to hit the oven. Expect a lively combination of pizza making fun with games to keep everyone happy.
4 years+

Mix! Squish! ART Party

Kids love to get messy! So why fight it? This messy art party if perfect for the littlest kiddos. Paint, paint… AND more paint! Oh yeah… and some play dough, pom poms, glitter, glue, feathers and so much more. We’re turning this party scene into a Bubble Art Gallery. So if your little one is the next Van Gogh, Bubble is ready to help them unleash their next creative master piece. We’ve got it all covered: aprons, brushes, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and art mediums galore. Dress for a mess! Each child will go home with their super cool master pieces at the parties end.
ages: 1 – 4 years
fee: $475

MESSY! Art Party Request Quote

Does your birthday child love ART? Within the party artists will After the guests have arrived the customized art experience will begin and people will then create, sculpt, build, paint and decorate a unique artwork that eventually will be taken home as a party favor. You can choose from many different projects depending upon age levels and interests. The last portion of the party is for you to bring in cake and food to feed the hungry artists.

The Gardening Party Request Quote

What child wouldn’t love to dig, plant, & water their way through a birthday bash? We’re introducing our own original Gardening Party. The children will get aprons on and gardening tools ready for a great time! What will the kids be doing? Everything related to gardening… shoveling dirt, decorating their very own planter, choosing flowers, planting them, feeding and watering their finished pot, & more. Each child will be bringing their planter home and will learn how to care for their flowers so they grow & bloom beautifully all season.
ages: 4 years+