Science Parties

Science Parties

Mad Scientist Party Request Quote

As your budding scientist arrives, they’ll surely need that “absent minded -true MAD scientist” look! To really play the part, the kids will get their lab coats & goggles on… and their hair will need that “crazy” look. The lac testing will get underway using really science equipment and tools. The children will learn how to experiment with various liquids, powders, and solids (all safe everyday items) to observe the cause and effect actions of their concoctions. Some experiments will be will be guided while other will be, dare we say strictly “experimental!” What fun!
4 years+

Spa Science Party Request Quote

Who doesn’t love a Spa Day?! Bubble’s Spa Party is not your typical get your nails done kinda party. All the children will be mixing, making and trying out delicious spa concoctions to try and take home. Girls will get busy making a Yummy Homemade Facials, Sweet & Fruity Lip Balms and Delish Sugar Scrubs and more. It’s certainly a pampering Spa Day with a twist of scientific touches as they learn about combining the ingredients to make yummy goodies.
5 years+

Our Parties Include… Request Quote

When you plan a party at Bubble… it includes it all! We take care of every fine detail so you can sit back and enjoy your child’s special day. Each party is 90 minutes and includes the following for up to 12 children. Each additional child above that is $20 – $30 depending on the party.

custom printed invitations that match the theme of the party
thank you notes
paper goods
2+ party hosts
coffee & cupcakes for parents
pizza & juice for children
table snacks
birthday cupcakes
coordinating party decorations