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Bubble Art Gallery

Move over Picasso... here come the future artisans of the 21st century! We’re exploring the fascinating world of ART.  Specifically, your child will be painting,  gluing, sculpting with clay, and so much more.  Children will experiment with all different forms of art and create their very own masterpieces. At semesters end, the children’s artistic masterpieces will be displayed “gallery-style” for you to admire! Sparkling cider & cheese anyone?

Class fees: $117.50/$235/$470

Ages:18mos. – 24mos.

          2 years – 3 years (w/ parent/caregiver)

Squish + Squirt = ART

Does your child love to get messy & explore? Well this is the class for them! Your child’s artistic side will flourish by playing with new and innovative art materials that will evoke the senses. Your young child is free to smear, squeeze, and otherwise explore the sensory and creative possibilities of tons of art mediums. What fun? Squishy dribble paintings, fluffy shaving cream handprints, and colorful dough sculptures are just a few we use to introduce colors, shapes, descriptive words & textures.  No worries for mommy - we’ll supply the aprons and clean up the mess! (Children/parents should dress for a mess)

Price: $117.50/$235/$470

Ages: 3.5 – 4.5 years (drop-off)

            5 - 6 years (drop-off)

john’s JAMS

This class mixes a little old with a whole lot of new!  John brings your child through a musical adventure taking a fresh new approach on both familiar and not so familiar children’s songs.  John sings and plays guitar while your child will dance, sing, jump, & explore with different instruments all while learning to love music! Incorporating simple directions, early literacy skills, and more this class will help enhance your child’s listening skills, fine motor skills, mathematic skills, and more.  You’re sure to have an ear-to-ear grin as wide as your tots!  We are all hooked on “Honey-Bunny” and we know you will be too!

Class fees: $110/$220/$440

Ages:  newborn - 5years (with parent/caregiver)


Introduce your little one to the wonderful world of music! mini Musicians is a music and movement class that will give your child the opportunity to actively participate in an array of activities.  This special class will be by a music therapist/musician/teacher.  Music Therapy is used to meet childhood milestones through the use of music and movement.  Your child will participate in activities that will address fine and gross motor skills, educational skills, sign language, socialization, speech and language skills, and music skills.  In addition, your child will have loads of fun interacting with you and other children while singing, playing and even making their own instruments!

Class fees: $110/$220/$440

Ages: newborn – 12mos. (w/parent/caregiver)

1.5 – 2.5 years (w/ parent/caregiver)

ROCKIN’ tots

Long Islands own music program for babies and toddlers with a live musician that sings, plays guitar, and dances.  This

musical adventure takes you and your child into a magical place where you can sing together, explore instruments,  dance with scarves, parachute play, sing along with favorite musical stories, enjoy a puppet show, dance and bounce around the room, and yes even catch musical bubbles.  Not only does this class offer musical exploration, but it also develops fine motor skills, age appropriate language, letter, shape, and color recognition, counting, as well as developing auditory skills.  Each class will keep you and your child rap-tap-tappin!

Class fees: $124/$248/$496

Ages: newborn - 5years

The cOOking CHEF

The name says it all!  In this awesome cooking class we will explore a wide variety of recipes your child will be thrilled to make… and you both will enjoy munching on! Your child will be exposed to different cultures, cooking techniques, age appropriate tools, & cuisines by measuring and mixing ingredients to create dishes from around the world. A true hybrid of the early childhood curriculum… a touch of art class, a bit of math, and part really good lunch…your child will leave this class with a greater appreciation for making food and may even taste something new along the way! All recipes will be drawn out in rebus chart format to enhance early literacy skills! A whole lot of YUMMY and a bunch of learning!

Class fees: $117.50/$235/$470

Ages: 2.5 - 3.5 years (with parent/caregiver)

         4 - 5 years (drop-off)

         6 - 7 years (drop-off)

the bubble BAKERY

Welcome to the bubble BAKERY! This class is full of mixing, cutting, creating and decorating food of all kinds.  Your child will capture the fun of baking while learning basic baking principles. We’ll discuss nutritional elements of different ingredients as they make an assortment of breads, pretzels, cookies, and more. As we prepare our baked goods, your child will learn all about the colors, shapes, textures, and smells of the ingredients and increase their math skills through mixing and measuring. For our youngest pastry chefs, our recipes will be displayed in rebus chart form…perfect to enhance early literacy skills!  The best part… your kitchen will still be clean when the baking is done!

Class fees: $117.50/$235/$470

Ages: 2.5 - 3.5 years (with parent/caregiver)

         4 - 5 years (drop-off)

           6 - 7 years (drop-off)

Baby Signs: Sign, Say & Play

Communicate with your baby before he or she can even talk! This class teaches parents and babies basic signs language through songs, play-based activities, parachute-and-tunnel games, and more! Weekly topics highlight important concepts in language and cognitive development.  All class participants will receive a sign language starter kit. 

Class fees: $110/$220/$440

Ages: 5 - 24 months (with parent/caregiver)

More... Sign, Say & Play

An extension of Sign, Say & Play, this class will teach many new signs that will help your baby communicate before he

or she learns to talk.  While learning all the new signs we will also reinforce and use signs learned from the first class.  By semester end, you and your baby will have learned about 100 signs through songs, play, movement, activities and more.  All participants will receive a sign language kit to help you use & reinforce the signs learned in class. 

Class fees: $110/$220/$440

Ages: 5 - 24months (with parent/caregiver)



It's just like your book club but your kids will actually have the time to read the books. Each week of class is themed around children's stories. From tales of ocean life & pirates to princesses & fire breathing dragons. Your children will listen to book readings, share observations, participate in activities and projects that bring each story to life. Books! Books! Books! is the perfect class to help introduce, enhance, and/or reinforce early literacy skills essential for their future. There is a take home book from class, so you will be able to enjoy these books together again and again (and just as you are getting sick of one book, we will send home another). By semester's end - your kids will have expanded their personal libraries by 6 amazing books that they have a personal connection to.

Class fees: $115/$230/$460

Ages: 5mos. – 1.5 years (with parent/caregiver)

         2 - 3 years (with parent/caregiver)

         4 - 5 years (drop-off)

Lango Tots

HOLA! A play-class in Spanish!  If you're looking to either introduce your child to Spanish, or reinforce what they're hearing at home.  Students become great friends with Cosmo the Bulldog, participating in his crazy adventures right alongside him and his friends the Lango kids. Every class is interactive and centers on a theme to build vocabulary, as well as to foster learning through music, games and free play. Our teachers work the adults too, teaching them age-appropriate games and activities so that they can reinforce learning at home.

Class fees: $220/$440

Ages: 1.5 – 3 years (w/parent/caregiver)

Eeewww… iicckkk… WOW!

Got a MAD scientist at home?  Well then… this is the class for them! Through hands-on activities, using actual scientific instruments like test tubes, graduated cylinders and Petri dishes, 3-5 year olds learn about the amazing, and often icky, sticky, slimy world of science. This class introduces kids to chemistry, physics, life science and more while teaching them to observe, describe and experiment in the safety of our "laboratory." This class opens children’s eyes and minds, and helps them see the world around them through scientific eyes!

Class fees:  $117.50/$235/$470

Ages: 3 years (with parent/caregiver)

4 - 5 years (drop-off)

tools of the TRADE... mini style

What kid doesn’t LOVE to just get right into it? “It” meaning anything they can get their hands on, especially if mom or dad are doing it! The messier the merrier, the more “grown-up” the better.  Get your tool box ready, safety glasses on, & your vest fastened.  We’re building, pounding, smushing, and bulldozing  our way through  such “dirty jobs” as gardening, tiling, construction, etc. all while learning basic identification of tools, measuring methods, cause & effect and more.  Move over Dirty Jobs... here we come! 

Class fees: $117.50/$235/$470

Ages: 2.5 - 3.5 years (w/parent or caregiver)

         4 - 5 years (drop-off)

iKIDS – Digital Comic

Using iMac computers by Apple, your child will tell a story in comic book form with their own pictures or drawings! Using the award-winning program Comic Life, your child will create a professional comic book-styled project of his/her choice in this fun-filled 4-week class.  Just add photos or scan them in, manage and manipulate with special effects, place in your text using a wide variety of speech balloons or caption boxes, and… ta-da – your very own comic! 

Class fees: $TBA

Ages: 9 – 12 years

iFamily – DVD Slideshows

While using an iMac computer by Apple, you will watch your life flash before your eyes.  Using Macintosh’s iPhoto program, create stunning DVD slideshows and/or digital DVD books –with your personal photos set to your favorite song!  Recap summer vacation, a special family event, or make a meaningful gift to a loved one.  You bring the photos (digital or print), and we’ll show you the rest in just 4 weeks.  Minimal computer experience is needed for this class that is guaranteed to end your scrap booking days! 

Class fees: $TBA

Ages: 15 years - Adults

yogi KIDS

Just like mommy’s yoga class... but mini style!

This fun-filled half hour of animal poses and playful movement is the perfect intro class to the world of yoga (toddler style). This class is more than just movement - it incorporates art, song, puppets and even story time. It ends with your child in full relaxation, no money back guarantee.

Class fees: $210/$420

Ages: 2 - 3 years (with parent/caregiver)

4 - 5 years  (drop-off)


This 90 minute "combo" class gets your child's creative juices flowing! For the fist half, students get creative with watercolors, oil pastels, spin art and more in Bubble Art Gallery .  The the smocks are turned in for aprons while the children are mixing, cutting, creating and decorating food!  Both parts of this 75 minute class encourage students to be experimental and creative with new tools (art and kitchen specific), resources and food. Children leave both classes with their projects in hand to share with their families when they leave class…just make sure to eat the pizza not the 3-d monster mask!

Class Fees: $330/$660

Ages: 3.5 – 5 years (drop-off)


Studies have found that children develop strong mathematical thinking through the use of hands-on activities & environments that offer rich opportunities that allow children to explore math concepts through play.  Through the use of picture books, songs, hands-on activities and more, we have developed fun & exciting themes to apply math concepts and skills to each lesson! Bubble took all this proven knowledge and designed a class full of hands-on play, sequenced learning opportunities, and real life mathematical situations.  This is the perfect class to offer new learning experiences or enhance & enrich already learned concepts.  A few of the many concepts we’ll be covering are number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, patterns, fractions, one-to-one correspondence, sorting, etc.

Class fees: $220/$440

Ages: 1.5 - 2.5 years (with parent/caregiver)

         3 - 4 years (drop-off)

           5 - 6 years (drop-off)


Bubble knows the importance of early literacy and one crucial piece to that puzzle is to develop a strong foundation of letter recognition and letter sound knowledge.  In ALPHABET antics we are getting all sorts of wild with letters! Letters will be taught and reinforced through various teaching methods to meet all learning styles.  Through such experiences as exposure to books, rich conversations,  hands-on activities,  pretend play, and other symbolic activities, we will be teaching letter recognition, making a connection between letter & sound, letter blends, rhyming, print awareness, site words and much more.  This is the perfect class to offer new learning experiences or enhance & enrich already learned concepts all while having a blast. 

Class fees: $220/$440

Ages: 3 - 4 years (drop-off)

           5 - 6 years (drop-off)

ready to READ...

Bubble has developed a fun & exciting enrichment class to foster early literacy and motivate children to learn to read & write for enjoyment, information, and communication. Learning to read and write is critical to a child’s success in school and later in life. Ready to READ creates a literacy rich environment for young children to explore & learn about the wonderful world of literacy through rich-teacher talk, storybook readings, phonological awareness activities, alphabet activities, support for emergent reading, support for emergent writing, shared book experiences, integrated content-focused activities, and so much more.  A few of the concepts we will be covering are print awareness, rhyming, making predictions, vocabulary development, comprehension skills, story retelling, and more. 

Class fees: $220/$440

Ages: 3 - 4 years (drop-off)

            5 - 6 years (drop-off)

Strings & Beads

What child wouldn’t love to learn how to make jewelry?  They’ll be introduced to the design process, basic knot-making techniques, and will learn how to take these simple skills and go one step further to creating one-of-a-kind jewelry! Your child will learn how these knots & patterns have been used for centuries in many unique ways.  Experimenting with various stringing materials & beautiful beads, your child will design at least 10 new pieces of jewelry to add to their collection. All materials and tools needed for class will be supplied.

Class fees: $235/$470

Ages: 6 – 9 yrs. (drop-off)

beads + knots = BLING

For the intermediate crafter, we have created a Strings & Beads hybrid class! This class is an introduction and a review of basic & advanced knot-making techniques while learning to add beaded elements to the designs.  Let their creativity take over while your child plans and designs jewelry with both macramé skills & beading techniques.  Who wouldn’t love to add beads & crystals to give their designs that BLING! BLING! We will also explore the many kinds of handmade beads created by artisan and the techniques in which they were created. Your child will leave this class with one-of-a-kind earrings, bracelets, necklaces and so much more and a passion for jewelry designing!   All materials and tools needed for class will be supplied.

Class fees: $235/$470

Ages: 10 – 12 years (drop-off)

paper POP-UP art

Using beautiful papers, and intricate cuts, your child will learn the art behind paper pop-up art.  With planning, design, and creativity your child will build stunning cards, mini books, ornaments, and more using this century old art technique.  If you child loves art and has a drive to learn all about different art techniques... this class is for them!  You will be amazed at the beautiful master pieces they will create! All materials and tools needed for class will be supplied.

Class fees: $235/$470

Ages: 10 – 12 years (drop-off)

bubble RUNWAY

For the fashion savvy & designers alike... bubble RUNWAY is the perfect class for kids who love to create & experiment.  We’ll be learning all about the design process... planning, developing, and putting all our plans into action by creating the product by hand.  Your child will be working on hands-on projects that will require them to learn about textiles, beads, hand sewing, knot techniques, fabric embellishment,  and so much more.  Some ideas we have brewing... handbags, designer tees, hair accessories, and more! All materials and tools needed for class will be supplied. 

Class fees: $235/$470

Ages: 7 - 9 years & 10 - 12 years (drop off)


Finally an amazing art class for elementary age children. This class will be full of projects working with such mediums as acrylics, watercolors, clay, photographic multi media, canvas, and more.  Your child will learn various techniques for expressing their artistic talents.

Class fees: $235/$470

Ages: 7 - 9 years & 10 - 12 years (drop off)

little BUBBLES (a 2’s/ early 3’s playgroup)

It is never too early to start exposing young children to emotional, physical, and educational learning opportunities in a friendly, nurturing and safe environment.  Our little BUBBLES early childhood class promotes discovery, socialization, early literacy skills, communication, creativity, cause and effect opportunities, and so much more.  The two hour class allows children (and parents) to gradually separate at their own pace. Nurturing teachers guide children through activities such as music, art, movement, exploration of nature, imaginative play, story time and group snack. Preparing kids safely and confidently for their first preschool experience. This class meets twice a week on Mondays & Thursdays. There class has an open door separation policy to help you prepare your child for future school experiences.

Class fees: $197.25/$394.50/$789

Ages: 2 - 3 years (open door separation)

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little BUBBLES (a toddler playgroup)

It is never too early to start exposing young children to emotional, physical, and educational learning opportunities in a friendly, nurturing and safe environment.  Our little BUBBLES early childhood class promotes discovery, socialization, early literacy skills, communication, creativity, cause and effect opportunities, and so much more.  A precursor to our 2's/3’s playgroup, this hour long class, meeting 1x per week, gets children used to a classroom setting while allowing them to socialize and explore with their peers. Nurturing teachers guide children through activities such as music, art, imaginative play, story time and group snack. Toddlers gain self-confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

Class fees: $112/$224/$448

Ages: 18 mos. - 24 mos. (open door separation)


Join us for PLAYtime for kids and their moms, dads, grandma or grandpa, too. We’ll provide the age appropriate toys that are full of learning & developmental  opportunities. A facilitator will be there to get the play started & provide teaching opportunities to help you enhance your child’s learning through play.  Your little ones will interact and explore during PLAYtime; where play is encouraged, development of fine & gross motor skills are enhanced through educational rich toys. (See the schedule for days and age ranges)

Class Fees: $60/$120/$240