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We believe that every party should tell a story, be creative & FUN! We hope our innovative and stylish birthday parties will help you give your children a party to remember.

Tea Cup Party

Does your little one love having tea parties? Yes! We'll our "Tea Cup" party is perfect. Our party room will be transformed into a magical high tea setting for 12, perfect for royalty. They'll be a trunk full of dress-up clothes... gorgeous dresses, royal jewels, fancy slippers, and much more. The kids will have (soft) makeup applied & nails polished for the big tea party. Music, games, and dancing are all a part of the bash. The children will have a formal sit down 5 course meal. They'll enjoy finger sandwiches, fruit towers, sweet tea, and more all served to them just as if they were royalty. Let's not forget the birthday cake!


Ahoy, Matey! Pirate Party

What little boy is not fascinated with pirates, treasure, eye patches, and hooks? None! That is why we have designed a shiver-me-timbers of a party and have treasure maps & GOLD on the brain. The kids will dress in pirate threads , have pirate accessories & touches added all before the games begin. We'll be searching for treasure, playing pirate games, creating pirate must-haves and will even learn to talk like a pirate. You'll leave this party saying �ARrgg..."


Pixie Party

A little girls dream... a pixie wonderland! Our party room will be transformed into an enchanted fairytale. At the start of the party, the children will put their magical pixie wings & pettiskirts on. Next, we will be creating gorgeous crowns and fairy wands out of flowers, butterflies, ribbons, and more. It wouldn't be a pixie party with out mini treasures to hide in moments of magical wonder... so we'll have to make some. The pixies will have time to twirl, dance and spin to beautiful music. After all this fun, we will sit at a beautiful table set for magical pixies and enjoy a delicious lunch, pretty drinks, and yummy birthday cake. The girls will leave with their beautiful crowns on, wands in hand & special handmade treasures as their party favor.


3, 2, 1... BLAST OFF Party

We'll be dressing up in astronaut attire and heading to the moon. Boys and girls will be on a mission to complete given task imperative to a successful space mission. Once suited up, we'll play tons of space games, create space shuttles, and taste test REAL astronaut food. We will learn about being an astronaut, facts about outer space and much more. You never know... aliens may land on planet bubble! 3, 2, 1... blast off!


The Bubble Bakery - Pastry Chef Party

Every kids loves to help in the kitchen. We're mixing up delicious cakes from scratch . The kids will be measuring, pouring, mixing, and more. The next step, decorating the cakes of course... icing, candy, and the cake itself! Yum! Yum! We'll get our aprons on, icing tubes filled, and spreaders ready. Each child will get their own 8" cake to decorate with icing & candy. We'll be teaching pastry decorating techniques. When the masterpieces are all complete... each child's cake will be professionally boxed-up and tied with a beautiful bow to go home as a favor.


Beads & Bling - Jewelry Making Party

Grab your bff's and get ready to bead... Someone is having a Beads & Bling Party. The guest of honor and her friends will get to design & make jewels from top quality beads, crystals, sterling clasps, charms and more. The hardest part will be deciding what beads to choose... the options are all oh so pretty! Once all our designs are complete, we'll wrap up their gorgeous jewels in beautiful carrying bags to take home as their party favor. Each child will leave so excited to show off their very own handmade jewelry designs.


Mad Scientist Party

As your budding scientist arrives, they'll surely need that "absent minded -true MAD scientist" look! To really play the part, the kids will get their lab coats & goggles on... and their hair will need that "crazy" look. The lac testing will get underway using really science equipment and tools. The children will learn how to experiment with various liquids, powders, and solids (all safe everyday items) to observe the cause and effect actions of their concoctions. Some experiments will be will be guided while other will be, dare we say strictly "experimental!" What fun!


The Gardening Party

What child wouldn't love to dig, plant, & water their way through a birthday bash? We're introducing our own original Gardening Party. The children will get aprons on and gardening tools ready for a great time! What will the kids be doing? Everything related to gardening... shoveling dirt, decorating their very own planter, choosing flowers, planting them, feeding and watering their finished pot, & more. Each child will be bringing their planter home and will learn how to care for their flowers so they grow & bloom beautifully all season.


Parties ON - the - GO

Bubble will bring the party to you! Private Homes, Schools, Camps, and other Facilities...not an issue. No Mess left behind just a ton of FUN! An additional fee may apply to the party cost for travel and parking expenses depending on location.

Messy! Messy! Art Party

Kids love to get messy! So why fight it? This messy art party if perfect for those kids who love to get right into it. Paint, paint... AND more paint! Oh yeah... and some play dough, clay, oil pastels, glue, feathers and so much more.

We're turning this party scene into a Bubble Art Gallery. So if your little one is the next Van Gogh, Bubble is ready to help them unleash their next creative master piece. We've got it all covered: aprons, brushes, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and art mediums galore. Dress for a mess!




Dinosaur Safari Party

Kids are just fascinated with dinosaurs, reptiles, and bugs! We'll be learning all sorts of great dino facts through hands-on activities such as a fossil dig, erupting a volcano, and more. The children will learn about the wonderful and interesting world of Paleontology. We will look and feel real fossil replicas, try to walk and jump in dinosaur feet and make our very own fossils to take home.



for all ages from toddlers

to teens!

Tons of

super cool



Make & Create Parties

Choose one of our craft stories from the bubble CREATIVITY Bar for your child's next party. Whether you decide to make the main attraction make 4-bars of Surprise Soap, Yummy Scented Candles or Painting a totally awesome ceramic Trex... at bubble, we can customized the party to any age and promise a super cool creative adventure like no other!

Party Menu

Sneaker CRAZE Party

Who's not crazy over sneakers?? Better yet... making them wild & crazy and did we mention one-of-a-kind? You'll take a simple pair of canvas sneakers & make them pretty SWEET if we do say so ourselves! Use all of our fabric and tie dyes, glitter and stones... make them sparkle and give them your own personal flair. The sneakers come out truly amazing and the kids are always so psyched to wear their unique designs.

Radical Skateboard Party

Design your very own wooden skateboard! Paint, Stencil, Decal your Board with unique style! You will be skating on a rad board right after the party! Cool tricks are in your future but please skate with caution and don't forget to wear protective equipment and a helmet!


Ceramic Painting Parties

Includes ceramic pieces & supplies,

pizza, cupcakes, drinks, party helper,

use of the decorated room for up to 12 children. Call for more details.

Small: $299 (21.99 additional)

Medium: $349 (24.99 additional)

Large: $399 (28.99 additional)

more cool party themes...

sweet treats spa party

beads + knots = BLING

tie dye party

pajama GLAM party

fancy nancy tea party

american girl doll party

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and more...

add-ons - favors, glittery tattoos, hair feathers, face painting, and much more